UseOffice .Net is SDK which gives you full set of API to convert between DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, Text, RTF, CSV, HTML and PDF documents.
Nuget: sautinsoft.useofficeNuget: sautinsoft.useoffice
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Getting Started

You can easily integrate «UseOffice .Net» in any .Net Framework or .Net Core application.

Let us say, you have just created a .Net Core project. To configure «UseOffice .Net» in your project, make the one step:

  1. Add the reference to UseOffice.dll.

1. Add the reference to UseOffice.dll:

You may add the reference to the UseOffice assembly by two ways:

1. Nuget (fast way):

(Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Manage Nuget Packages...->In the tab "Browse" type "SautinSoft" and find the "sautinSoft.useoffice")
Add UseOffice.dll via Nuget.

2. Old good way by adding the reference:

First of all, download the «UseOffice .Net» package ( from the SautinSoft website.
Unzip and find the assembly file "UseOffice.dll".
(At the Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Add Reference...->Browse "UseOffice.dll")
Add reference to UseOffice.dll.


UseOffice.dll compiled for .Net Core is located inside (>UseOffice .Net X.X\Bin\Net Core X.X) folder.

UseOffice.dll compiled for .Net Framework is located inside (>UseOffice .Net X.X\Bin\Net X.X) folder.

Well done!

Now your application is able to convert documents between DOCX, RTF, PPTX, XLSX, PDF and other popular formats!

Here you will find the collection with Code Examples in C# and VB.Net.

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