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DocumentSettings Class

Represents stored preferences which shall be used when processing the contents of the document.
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Namespace:  SautinSoft.Document
Assembly:  SautinSoft.Document (in SautinSoft.Document.dll) Version:
public sealed class DocumentSettings

The DocumentSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCharacterSpacingControl
Gets or sets the possible ways in which full-width characters can be compressed to remove additional whitespace when the contents of this document are displayed.
Public propertyCompatibilityMode
Gets or sets the Microsoft Word compatibility mode. For Microsoft Word 2016, set this value to 15.
Public propertyDefaultTabStop
Gets or sets the value which shall be used as the multiplier to generate automatic tab stops in this document.
Public propertyEndnote
Gets the endnote settings.
Public propertyEndnoteContinuationSeparator
Gets the endnote continuation separator's blocks.
Public propertyEndnoteSeparator
Gets the endnote separator's blocks.
Public propertyFootnote
Gets the footnote settings.
Public propertyFootnoteContinuationSeparator
Gets the footnote continuation separator's blocks.
Public propertyFootnoteSeparator
Gets the footnote separator's blocks.
Public propertyHasFacingPages
When true, the document has different headers and footers for odd-numbered and even-numbered pages.
Public propertyMirrorMargins
When true, left and right margins defined in the page settings will be swapped on every second page.
Public propertySplitPageBreakAndParagraphMark
Gets or sets the value whether to split or not page break and paragraph mark.
Public propertyUseHtmlParagraphAutoSpacing
When true, use HTML paragraph auto spacing.
Public propertyUseIndentAsNumberingTabStop
When true, use hanging indent (if any) as tab stop for bullets and numbering.
Public propertyVariables
Gets a dictionary of document variables.
Public propertyZoomPercentage
Gets or sets the percentage (between 10 and 500) at which you want to view your document.
Public propertyZoomType
Gets or sets a zoom value based on the size of the window.
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