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NumberStyle Enumeration

Represents the number style.

Namespace:  SautinSoft.Document
Assembly:  SautinSoft.Document (in SautinSoft.Document.dll) Version:
public enum NumberStyle
  Member nameValueDescription
Decimal0 Decimal number.
UpperRoman1 Upper Roman number.
LowerRoman2 Lower Roman number.
UpperLetter3 Upper letter.
LowerLetter4 Lower letter.
Ordinal5 Ordinal.
CardinalText6 Cardinal text.
OrdinalText7 Ordinal text.
DecimalZero8 Specifies that the sequence shall consist of Arabic numbering with a zero added to numbers one through nine.
Chicago9 Chicago Manual of Style (*, † ...)
Bullet10 Bullet.
None11 None.
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