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ExcelToPdfCSheetPrintedAreaAdd(String, String, Int32) Method

Adds custom area to export in PDF, Word

Namespace: SautinSoft
Assembly: SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf (in SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.dll) Version:
public void Add(
	string Cord1,
	string Cord2,
	int[] SheetNums = null


Cord1  String
Top-Left cell of area, for example "A1"
Cord2  String
Right-Bottom cell of area, for example "E12"
SheetNums  Int32  (Optional)
Array with sheets numbers
SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf x = new SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf();
x.OutputFormat = SautinSoft.ExcelToPdf.eOutputFormat.Pdf;
int[] arJ = { 1 };
x.Sheets.PrintArea.Add("B20", "D25", arJ);
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