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Welcome to Excel to PDF .Net


«Excel to PDF .Net» is 100% written in C# (.NET Framework and .NET Core) assembly which provides a wide set of API for developers. It gives your application the abilities of exporting any *.xls and *.xlsx (Excel 97 - 2019 workbook) to PDF, RTF and DOCX formats. See details:

Excel to PDF .Net

The component can be used on 32 and 64-bits platforms with .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher / .NET Core 2.0 and higher. It works even in Medium Trust level and shared hosting. The component doesn't require Microsoft Office or any other software. It's absolutely standalone and independent library.

General Functions

The component supports conversion of *.xls and *.xlsx to PDF, RTF, DOCX with:

  • Full font and text formatting: colors, face, size, bold, italic, underline, strike, superscript, subscript.

  • Export of spreadsheets with preserving borders, background.

  • Hyperlinks and anchors.

  • Special characters.

  • Multiple worksheets in a single document.

  • Various cell types: strings, numbers, dates, floating point.

  • Merged cells, row and cell width and height.

  • Formulas.

  • XLSX and XLS files protected by a password.

  • Export Excel workbooks in memory.

What is possible to adjust during conversion?

  • Specify to convert a whole Excel workbook or custom spreadsheets or custom cells in a diapason.

  • Specify the page properties for produced document: page size, orientation and margins.

  • Add page numbers with a desired formatting.

  • Specify a password for protected workbooks.

Why to choose «Excel to PDF .Net»?
  • Your license will never expire, no subscription fees.

  • The component is completely written in managed C#.

  • Absolutely standalone, doesn't require Microsoft Office® or anything else.

  • «Excel to PDF .Net» is the Multi-Platform component, runs on:

  • Conversion of Excel spreadsheets and workbooks from database to PDF purposely display it in ASP.NET page.

  • Create a hard-copy of XLS file in PDF format for exchange and forbid changing.

  • Export XLS to Word for printing purposes.

  • Can be easily updated through NuGet.

  • Unlimited free technical support for all clients and testers.

Requirements and Technical Information
  • Entirely written in managed C#, therefore absolutely standalone.

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher.

  • .NET Core 2.0 and .NET 5.

  • .NET Standard 2.0.

    .NET Platforms

    .NET 5.0

  • Windows & Linux & Mac OS.

We are happy that our «Excel to PDF .Net» helped a lot of developers and companies to simplify the conversion of Excel workbooks and spreadsheets by several lines of code! We appreciate and honor your your questions and reviews...

Straightforward and clear interface

Summarize, we'd like to point out about the assembly interface. You will likely be surprised at the amount of built in functionality. But it's easy to start work with the component.

To investigate this by yourself, see the list with the Code Examples.