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SautinSoft Namespace

Starting from 2002 we are developing .Net components to do all what you wish with documents in PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, Images and other formats.
Public classHtmlToRtf
The «HTML to RTF .Net» is 100% C# managed assembly which provides to any .Net Framework and Core application these functions:
  • Convert HTML (URL, ASPX, XHTML) to Word (DOCX, RTF, Unicode Text) with CSS, images, tables, Unicode and full text formatting.
  • Merge RTF documents and replace text inside them.
Public classHtmlToRtfCFont
Allows to set font properties: face and size.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCHeaderFooter
Class which allows to specify header and footer in HTML, RTF or Text formats.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCMergeOptions
Specifies options to merge RTF documents.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCPageStyle
Specifies the page setup for the output document: page size, orientation, page margins and page numbering.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCPageStyleCPageNumbers
Allows to set a custom page numbering in the output RTF or DOCX document.
Public classHtmlToRtfCPageStyleCPageOrientation
Allows to set the page orientation for the resulted.
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCPageStyleCPageSize
Allows to set a page size for an output document.
Public classHtmlToRtfCPageStyleCUnit
Allows to specify values in millimeters, inches and twips (twentieth of a point, 1 point is equal as 20 twips).
Public classCode exampleHtmlToRtfCTextStyle
Specifies a custom text formatting properties during the HTML conversion.
Public classHtmlToRtfSautinImage
Class which allows to operate with images in memory during HTML to RTF conversion and vice versa.
Public delegateHtmlToRtfBeforeImageDownloadEventHandler
Delegate to call method before downloading http images.
Public enumerationCode exampleHtmlToRtfeAlign
Allows to specify default alignment. Can be used in properties like a PageAlignment or [!:SautinSoft.HtmlToRtf.PageNumbersAlignH]
Public enumerationHtmlToRtfeBorderVisibility
Specifies a custom visibility for borders in all tables in the document.
Public enumerationHtmlToRtfeEncoding
Specifies the encoding for an input HTML document.
Public enumerationHtmlToRtfeInputFormat
Specifies a format of an input document.
Public enumerationHtmlToRtfeOutputFormat
Specifies a format for an output document (Docx, Rtf, Text).
Public enumerationCode exampleHtmlToRtfePageNumberingAppearence
Specifies the page numbering: starting from the first page, from the second page or disabled.