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SautinSoft Namespace

SautinSoft is an independent Internet-oriented software development company. We are creating reliable and demanded in the market .Net components to create, parse, modify and convert document in most popular formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML, RTF, Text, Images etc. Our company was founded in 2002 (website: and now offers a line of these products:

Public classPdfFocus
PDF Focus .Net is designed to convert PDF documents to All formats.
Public classPdfFocusCExcelOptions
Sets various properties for the Excel document
Public classCode examplePdfFocusCHtmlOptions
Allows to specify various properties for HTML document: title, how to store images, inline CSS and so forth.
Public classCode examplePdfFocusCImageExtractionOptions
Allows to set properties to extract only specific images from PDF
Public classPdfFocusCImageOptions
Set properties for produced images
Public classCode examplePdfFocusCOCROptions
Class allowing to attach any OCR library to PDF Focus .Net.
Public classCode examplePdfFocusCWordOptions
Allows to specify various properties for Word document: format (Docx or Rtf), how to detect tables and so forth.
Public classPdfFocusCXmlOptions
Sets various properties for the XML document
Public classPdfFocusPdfImage
Allows to extract images from PDF
Public delegateCode examplePdfFocusCOCROptionsOCRMethod
Delegate to perform OCR (any 3rd party). We offer free libraries: Tesseract ( or Nicomsoft (
Public delegatePdfFocusPageProgressDelegate
Allows to define a progress indicator
Public enumerationCode examplePdfFocusCHtmlOptionseHtmlRenderMode
Gets or sets the rendering mode for the output HTML: Fixed or Flowing. Default value: Fixed.
Public enumerationPdfFocusCImageOptionseColorDepth
Set a color depth for the produced image. Default value: 24 bit RGB.
Public enumerationCode examplePdfFocusCOCROptionseOCRMode
Represent OCR modes: Disable (default), All images, Automatic.
Public enumerationCode examplePdfFocusCWordOptionseRenderMode
Gets or sets a rendering mode for a resulting Word document: Flowing, Continuous or Exact.
Public enumerationCode examplePdfFocusCWordOptionseWordDocument
Represents Word document formats: DOCX and RTF.
Public enumerationCode examplePdfFocuseImageFormat
Specifies the image format embedded in the output document. Default value: Auto.
Public enumerationPdfFocusePropertyState
Specifies the property state.