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Welcome to PDF Focus .Net

The rundown of PDF Focus .Net functionality

PDF Focus .Net is .NET assembly which gives API to convert PDF to All: DOCX, RTF, HTML, XML, Text, Excel, Images.

PDF Focus .Net gives you API to convert PDF to multiple formats with a lot of options and features:

  • Convert a PDF document as a file, URI, MemoryStream, array of bytes.

  • Set a custom pages or ranges for converting "1-3, 5, 8-13, 16".

  • Convert a password protected PDF, in case you know the password.

  • Get to know the number of pages in PDF and their sizes.

  • Detect tables in PDF document.

  • Rasterize vector graphics or skip them.

  • Preserve images or skip them.

  • Show invisible text or not.

  • Add copyright text to into each document page.

  • Interface to specify OCR engine.

  • Supports JBIG2 and JPEG2000 codecs.

If you need a component to Load, Create new, Find and Replace, Modify, and Save to PDF documents: take a look at our Document .Net - it can do everything!

PDF Focus .Net supports converting of all types and formats of PDF documents: PDF 1.0-1.7, PDF/A.

The Directions of Converting
  • Convert PDF to DOCX, RTF:

    • Three modes of converting:

      • - Flowing - all text is arranged via paragraphs, looks like typed by a human.

      • - Exact - all text is arranged using small shape (x,y) blocks as in PDF structure.

      • - Continuous - all text is arranged via large shape blocks with (x,y) coordinates.

    • Recreates real tables with rows and cells from graphic lines.

    • Produced DOCX document is completely compatible with Office Open XML specification, ECMA-376.

    • Produced RTF document is completely compatible with RTF 1.8 specification.

    • Full text formatting with images, colors, backgrounds, shapes, tables, vector graphics, font styles, sizes.

    • Keep the char scaling and spacing or set unified.

    • Full Unicode support.

  • Convert PDF to Text:

    • Produced Text documents with full Unicode support.

    • The document layout in textual mode similar to original PDF.

  • Convert PDF to Images:

    • TIFF, Multipage-TIFF, Multipage-TIFF-CCITT4.

    • JPG, Jpeg.

    • PNG.

    • Bitmap.

    • System.Drawing.Image.

    • Ability to set DPI, color depth, image format.

    • Ability to set a custom width and height in pixel, point or percent.

  • Convert PDF to HTML:

    • HTML5 with CSS.

    • Two modes of converting:

      • - HTML-Fixed - all text is arranged using small shape (x,y) blocks.

      • - HTML-Flowing - all text is arranged via paragraphs, looks like typed by a human.

    • Specify the document Title.

    • Store images inside the HTML document as binary data either as separate PNG or JPG files.

    • Set the quality for all images within the HTML document.

  • Convert PDF to Excel:

    • Creates .xls workbooks.

    • Allows to put all pages from PDF document into a single worksheet or create separate sheets for each PDF page.

    • Two modes of converting:

      • - Convert all textual data.

      • - Convert only tabular data.

  • Convert PDF to XML:

    • Creates well-formed XML documents.

    • Two modes of converting:

      • - Convert all textual data.

      • - Convert only tabular data.

  • Extract Images from PDF:

    • Extract all images and vector graphics.

    • Extract images from specific pages.

    • Extract only images with specific width or height.

Why to choose PDF Focus .Net?
  • Your license will never expire, no subscription fees.

  • The component is completely written in managed C#.

  • Absolutely standalone, doesn't require Microsoft Office®, Adobe Acrobat® or anything else.

  • PDF Focus .Net is the Multi-Platform component, runs on:

  • Works in Medium trust level and shared hosting.

  • Works with any type and size of PDF documents.

  • Can be easily updated through Nuget.

  • Unlimited free technical support for all clients and testers.

Requirements and Technical Information
  • Entirely written in managed C#, therefore absolutely standalone.

  • .NET Framework 4.0 and up.

  • .NET Core and .NET 5, 6.

  • .NET Standard 2.0 and up.

    .NET Platforms

    PDF Focus .Net is completely compatible with .NET 5 platform.

  • Windows & Linux & Mac OS.