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Getting Started

You can easily use «PDF Metamorphosis .Net» in any .NET Framework or .NET Core application. Because of the component is completely written in C# managed code.

  1. Launch Microsoft's Visual Studio.

  2. Create a new project or open an existing.

  3. Add a reference to sautinsoft.pdfmetamorphosis:

    You may do this by two ways:

    1. Using Nuget (fast way):

      (Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Manage Nuget Packages...->In the tab "Browse" type "Sautinsoft" and find the "sautinsoft.pdfmetamorphosis")


    2. Second (old good way): Adding a reference to the "PdfMetamorphosis.dll" file:

      First of all, download the PDF Metamorphosis .Net package. Unzip it at any place in your computer and find the assembly file "PdfMetamorphosis.dll".

      (Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Add Reference...->Browse "PdfMetamorphosis.dll")


Note  Note

PdfMetamorphosis.dll compiled for .NET Core are located inside (>PDF Metamorphosis .Net (X.X.X.X)\Bin\.NET Core X.X) folder.

PdfMetamorphosis.dll compiled for old .NET Framework are located inside (>PDF Metamorphosis .Net (X.X.X.X)\Bin\.NET Framework X.X) folder.

PdfMetamorphosis.dll compiled for new .NET 5 and up are located inside (>PDF Metamorphosis .Net (X.X.X.X)\Bin\.NET X.X) folder.

Add dependencies through Nuget (optional)

If you have added the PdfMetamorphosis.dll into your project using Nuget, all dependencies are already installed automatically and therefore simply skip this step. If you are creating a .NET Framework (not .NET Core) app, also skip this step.

In case of you have added the reference to the PdfMetamorphosis.dll by the old way (Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Add Reference...), please add these dependencies using Nuget:

  • System.IO.Packaging: "4.4.0" or up,

  • System.Text.Encoding.CodePages: "4.5.0" or up,

  • System.Xml.XPath.XmlDocument: "4.3.0" or up,

  • System.Drawing.Common": "4.7.0 or up.

Note  Note

Actually, you may add specified versions of the dependencies shown above or use the newer versions.

For example, to add "System.IO.Packaging, 4.4.0:

(Solution Explorer->right click by "References"->Manage Nuget Packages...->In the tab "Browse" type "System.IO.Packaging" and find the "System.IO.Packaging", select version "4.4.0")


Well done!

Now your application is able to convert All popular formats to PDF document!

Here you will find the Code Samples in C# and VB.NET.