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SautinSoft Namespace

Starting from 2002 we are developing .Net components to do all what you wish with documents in PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, Images and other formats.
Public classRtfToHtml
RTF to HTML .Net is 100% written in C# assembly which provides API to convert Text, DOCX and RTF documents to HTML 3.2, 4.01 + with CSS, HTML5, XHTML 1.01.
Public classRtfToHtmlCImageStyle
Allows to specify different properties for image: quality, format, path to store etc.
Public classRtfToHtmlCTableStyle
Specify table properties for output HTML document: borders type and width
Public classRtfToHtmlCTagStyle
Allows to set default tag for paragraphs: <p> or <div>
Public classRtfToHtmlCTextStyle
Allows to set up different properties for the resulting HTML document: title, alignment, default font, color, size, name for CSS styles, etc.
Public classRtfToHtmlCTextStyleCFontColor
Class which allows to specify a single font color for produced HTML
Public classRtfToHtmlCTextStyleCTextAlignment
Class which allows to set a single alignment for all text
Public classCode exampleRtfToHtmlSautinImage
Allows to operate with images in memory during HTML to RTF and vice versa conversion
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleEncoding
Allows to set encoding for the resulting HTML document
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleFont
Allows to disable all font parameters: size, face, color
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleHtmlParts
Allows to specify type of produced HTML: complete HTML or only between tags <body>...</body>
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleHyperlinkTarget
Allows to set up a default "target" for all hyperlinks
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleImageFormat
Possible formats for storing images
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleMeasurementUnits
Allows to specify desired measurement units for all values in HTML document
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleOutputFormat
Allows to specify format for the resulting document
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleTableBorderType
Allows to override the table borders
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleTableWidthType
Allows to set the measurement units for attribute "width" in tables: pixels or percents
Public enumerationRtfToHtmleTags
Allows to set default tag for paragraphs: <p> or <div>